healthcare system marketing and advertising, Raleigh marketing, healthcare creative, search engine optimization and search engine marketing for healthcare systems, ad agency,advertising agency,advertising agencies,marketing firms,marketing firm, marketing companies, marketing agency, marketing company, Raleigh North Carolina RX Urgent Care is a 7-day a week urgent care facility with two locations. The client wanted to get their message of quick and convenient worker’s compensation care to employers in the area. The objective was to target those industries where injuries are more likely to occur such as manufacturing, construction, and service businesses.

Business owners, facility managers, and human resource leaders were the desired audience, depending on the size of the business. Since there is no way to know when urgent care services will be needed, we had to figure out how to stay in front of the audience with our message for an indefinite period of time. Standard items like postcards or business cards would be filed and never remembered. We had to stay on the decision maker’s desk. Our conclusion was that we had to have something so entertaining they would want to keep it in plain view and show it to others. Our solution was a button with a customized song and message. RX Urgent Care

Did it work?

We don’t know. There was no way to track worker visits from those facilities, a shortcoming of this idea we were aware of from the beginning. We have no doubt that awareness of the RX Urgent Care name was raised with the target audience, but no means to connect revenue to the marketing expense.

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