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Raleigh advertising agency, ad agency, Raleigh marketing firm, retail advertising, retail marketing, medical practice advertising, medical practice marketingYour personal and business reputations are no longer owned by you. Today they are managed by your friends and relatives on social media, your employees, your co-workers, your customers, and even your competition. Most businesses have no plan to pro-actively impact their online reputation. That leaves them shocked when someone writes a nasty review online. It’s usually an anonymous review, so there’s no way to know if it was written by an unethical competitor or a legitimately upset customer.

Welcome to the brave new world of the citizen journalist. Everyone gets a voice, including you, but you have to use it. Online reputation management is the process of managing your online profiles and actively engaging customers for the purpose of presenting an accurate picture of your business. If one in 500 customers writes an unflattering review and the other 499 are happy but say nothing, is that an accurate representation of who you are?

Online reputation management encourages the 499 to share their experiences. Online reputation management is also demonstrating your leadership through content that provides value to your prospective customers. When you regularly publish worthwhile information online, it’s harder for negative content to appear high in search results.

Winfield & Associates Marketing + Advertising provides analysis and consultation to businesses that want to improve a negative online reputation or proactively implement an online reputation management program. We have developed programs for our clients that create a truthful online representation, giving them a competitive advantage in online search results.

Please contact us if you would like to learn how we help clients with their online reputation management.

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