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For a couple good reasons. Owning or running a business is hard work. Sometimes you feel stuck in a rut, or unsure what direction to go next. How do you market your business when the consumer’s attention is divided among so many channels?

Consider this newsletter more of a “sit down and hash things over” with a colleague kind of vehicle. You might find a small, medium or large nugget of information that can apply to your business. You’ll learn what I’m learning and hear about what’s working, and just as importantly what isn’t.

Ask me questions. All you have to do is hit reply and I’ll respond. You can, of course, share the newsletter with anyone you like!

Give it a whirl. I know you’re busy. I’m here to help you reach that next goal in your marketing efforts. The newsletters come on Sundays so that you can mull it over and hit the ground running on Mondays.

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Eric Schmidt