healthcare system marketing and advertising, Raleigh marketing, healthcare creative, search engine optimization and search engine marketing for healthcare systems, ad agency,advertising agency,advertising agencies,marketing firms,marketing firm, marketing companies, marketing agency, marketing company, Raleigh North Carolina A mailer introducing an established major medical practice was designed for people moving into homes in zip codes around the office locations. The mailer was folded to 8.5”x 5.5” with an oversized refrigerator magnet spot-glued inside. The outside creative welcomed the newcomer to the neighborhood and offered a free gift. The gift, a forehead thermometer, required the recipient to respond by email, giving us a tracking mechanism. Mailers went out monthly, using list parameters including home ownership, a minimum home value, and sale closing dates in the previous 30-45 days.

Did it work?

The initial response to the forehead thermometers was weak at under 3%, especially with a free offer and no hidden strings attached. That number went down with subsequent mailers. The free offer did not work.

When we got done washing the egg off our faces, we wanted to know if the magnet was having any impact. Did any of the people who received the mailer become patients? The only way to find out was manually cross-reference the mailing lists against the patient database. The effort turned out to be worth it; 1.2% of those mailed had become patients. The value of a patient (lifetime and in referrals) makes the conversion rate very profitable for the practice. Ultimately the mailer worked.

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