Social media is confusing the hell out of even the best marketers these days. Is its purpose social engagement, customer service, sales or what???

Social media platforms usually have a niche defined by gender, age or interests. The three biggest social sites by traffic volume in the U.S. are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Comscore lists unique visitors/services for each in their December 2015 Ranks for the Top 50 U.S. Digital Media Properties:

  • Facebook – 218,640,000
  • Twitter – 115,637,000
  • LinkedIn – 111,312,000

Facebook is second only to Google (all Google owned sites) in unique visitors. 69% of the population in the U.S was on Facebook in December 2015.

So what is social media good for? Engagement, customer service, and sales are reasonable and expected uses. But each has a different purpose and should be addressed accordingly. If you’re a major soft drink company, you can afford to have a staff of marketers dedicated to just engagement. Or customer service. If you’re a local or regional retail or service business with a few hundred or a few thousand fans, it’s nearly impossible to create the kind of content that will go viral.

We decided to focus our Facebook efforts strictly on sales, and get really, really good at it. As a small advertising agency, our clients tend to be small businesses. They need the money they spend on marketing and advertising to drive sales.

Our Facebook advertising programs are designed to capture contact information and bring prospective customers into your funnel of influence. Once they have opted in, we communicate to drive them to complete a sale or come to your place of business so your salespeople can close the deal.

Facebook has a comprehensive database of information that allows us to target audiences by behavior and interests, going way beyond basics such as age, gender and income.

Every step in this process is track-able, and that means we know how much it costs to acquire a lead, turn it into a customer, and their lifetime value. ROI is a real number with this process.

If you want to generate leads and verifiable business from your Facebook marketing efforts, call us to learn more.

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