Did it Work?

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Did it work? That’s what everybody wonders about their advertising and marketing efforts. The ability to track results is better than ever, but in many cases it’s still difficult to connect revenue with expenses.

Winfield & Associates Marketing + Advertising has been in business since 2002, and in that time we’ve experienced some great success stories, some “not sure if it worked but we won’t fire you today” stories, and some outright failures. Like other ad agencies, we used to post our success stories on our website. But not the failures or the marketing efforts that were just OK.

The Did It Work? page is a place for success stories, OK stories, and failure stories. There is always a risk in talking about things that didn’t work, but marketing is changing so quickly that failures are going to happen even with the best research, creative, and strategy. Our greatest inventors, people like Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, failed hundreds of times as they developed things we take for granted like bifocals and the light bulb. From failure comes knowledge. So read and learn about marketing that worked, marketing that didn’t, and some stuff we have no idea about.

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