Creative Philosophy

Raleigh advertising agency, ad agency, Raleigh marketing firm, retail advertising, retail marketing, medical practice advertising, medical practice marketingOur creative philosophy is a little different, and that’s probably because we are a little different. We call it CONTRARIAN thinking. The word “contrarian” is defined as:

Taking the opposing view; rejecting the majority opinion

We’ve developed this philosophy over time because so much marketing and advertising today is overlooked or quickly forgotten. The number of ads and commercial messages people see every day is estimated at between 4,000 and 5,000, and that number is growing as people multitask, using a device to access the internet while watching television. The sheer volume of information makes it impossible to pay attention to all but a small percentage of those messages.

The CONTRARIAN philosophy starts by asking,” What’s the opposite of what the competition is doing?” Sometimes the “opposite” is a great position for the business to take within its industry. Other times the “opposite” is the starting point for exploring differentiators. The contrarian process gets our clients thinking in new ways and helps us gain a better understanding of their business.

Al Ries, the best-selling author and marketing guru, makes the case for contrarian thinking in a short article titled “The Marketing Importance of Being Opposite.” Published a few years ago, the companies he cites are excellent examples of how our thought process can benefit business.

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