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Failure is Not a Dirty Word

Failure sucks. There’s no doubt about it. Nobody advertises how often they fail. Businesses promote success, advancement, and progress. When you were a kid you came home bragging about an A or a B, but no mention of the D or F until your parents saw the report card. Then you had some esplaining to… Continue Reading

The Death of Traditional Advertising Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Articles about the growth of online marketing proliferate in the trade media and even mainstream publications. Everyday I see Google and Facebook mentioned numerous times. Newspaper, radio, direct mail and other traditional forms of advertising seem to get mentioned when someone points out the decline in recent years of those mediums. But a funny thing… Continue Reading

Deal of the Century

I read recently that Facebook is getting into the “deal” business made so successful by Groupon and now copied by I think just about everyone. I have to ask at what point do the merchants who are giving away their services/products realize that this type of promotion isn’t financially sustainable as a long-term proposition? The… Continue Reading

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