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Micro-Wins: The Real Secret to Google Ads Success

Micro means small, so it seems counter-intuitive that it would be the key to getting better results from your Google Ads campaigns.

Too many Google Ads management companies claim to have the “magic formula” that will make you rich and successful.

The Magic Formula will quadruple your sales, reduce your ad budget by half, save you 50 hours a week, kill fleas on your dog and reverse the aging process.

All you want is for your ads to produce more clients for your business, right?

There’s a reason so many companies make what seem like ridiculous claims. It’s because we are all desensitized from being assaulted by ads all day every day. Only the spectacular catches our attention.

So what is the Real Secret to Google Ads success?

Can you have quick gains in your account? The so-called “magic formula?”

Sure, if it was set up completely wrong in the first place. Just about anything will be an improvement.

Even if you have an account that’s doing well, you can get better results 90% of the time. It might be small gains, or it could be game changing growth.

I was able to get one of our law firm clients a 126% increase in clients retaining in 2018 over 2017. Seems spectacular, doesn’t it?

Did we apply the “magic formula” here?

Yes we did. But it turns out he “magic formula” isn’t magic at all. It’s having a proven system to get the desired results, then implementing and following the system.

It’s not glamorous. It didn’t happen overnight.

It happened as we made adjustments to the keywords, to the ads, to the dayparts, to the landing pages and to the offers. Sometimes those adjustments produced nice gains, other times they didn’t.

Too many people forget that Google Ads is a live marketplace. For your results to improve requires eyeballs on the account every week and an understanding of the final objective.

That’s true even if your Google Ads provider automates the ads with their “proprietary” algorithm that will optimize your ads.

So how did we get a 126% increase in clients retaining? Here are the numbers and how we got there:

37%: reduction in the cost-per-lead. More accurate keyword targeting, negative keywords and matching the keywords on the landing page all made little differences. And we did it weekly.

66%: increase in number of leads. The traffic we attracted with the right offer in the ads brought more qualified prospects.

36%: increase in percentage of leads converting to clients. More qualified leads equals more conversions.

53%: reduction in cost to acquire a new client.

Full disclosure – the ad spending increased 6% year-over-year.

At each step there were Micro-wins. Not sexy, huge numbers that blew everybody away, but clear and measurable progress.

And when you put all those Micro-wins together, you have a 126% year-over-year increase in clients retaining.  

Most Google Ads accounts don’t get the attention they need to grow and prosper for their owners. It’s too easy and set it and forget it.

Like anything else in marketing, its takes time, effort and tracking to get the desired results. Anyone claiming they have an “easy” solution that doesn’t require any work from you is going to take a lot of your money before you realize what’s happened.

The process of getting small wins (Micro-wins) consistently will add up to a big picture win. That means more business for you and a better return on your ad spend.

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